Charlotte Nicklin – Independent Marriage Celebrant

I am a marriage celebrant, musician, and a secondary school teacher. I live in Auckland but am open to conducting ceremonies in other parts of New Zealand, upon request.

My interest lies in working alongside you, as a couple, to create a marriage ceremony which suits your tastes and idiosyncrasies. Your ideas and preferences will shape the structure of your ceremony, and my role can be as involved or administrative as you choose. When requested, I have assisted and offered feedback in the writing of vows. On the other hand, my role can be purely official – guiding you through the legal requirements, while remaining a background presence.

I am sincere in my belief in the solemnity of marriage, and also enjoy including elements of fun to a ceremony when appropriate and as led by your wishes. For example, to determine whose surname will be shared, I have rolled a die and spun a wheel of fortune.

I am an LGBTQI+ ally, and I would be pleased to formalise the love you and your partner share, in a ceremony of any size.

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